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A 78-card, completely hand-drawn, illustrated deck by Jeremy Grand. He brings a unique style to the reading table with busy, detailed, and fun pen and ink drawings. They are affordable and portable works of art that anyone can enjoy.


This deck includes the following cards:


Major Arcana:

The Fool – Innocence/Recklessness
The Magician – Power/Manipulation
The High Priestess – Intuition/Secrets
The Empress – Nature, Maternal/Domestic Issues
The Emperor – Authority, Paternal/Controlling
The Hierophant – Theology, Tradition/Non-traditional
The Lovers – Partnership/Relationship Issues
The Chariot – Ambition/Lack of Direction
Strength – Courage, Power/Cowardice
The Hermit – Meditation/Withdrawal
The Wheel of Fortune – Opportunity, Luck/Misfortune
Justice – Fairness, Balance/Inequality, Dishonesty
The Hanged Man – Surrender, Sacrifice/Holding On
Death – Endings/Depression, Resistance to Change
Temperance – Patience, Harmony/Imbalance
The Devil – Temptation, Bondage/Freedom
The Tower – Destruction, Catastrophe/Volatility
The Star – Opportunity, Good Health/Disappointments
The Moon – Insecurity, Confusion/Unhappiness, Insomnia
The Sun – Joy, Vitality/Sadness, Exhaustion
Judgment – Redemption, Decisions/Doubt, Poor Decisions
The World – Success, Completion/Failure


Minor Arcana:

Ace of Swords – New Beginnings, Breakthroughs/Clouded Mind
Two of Swords – Weighing Options, Decisions/Confusion
Three of Swords – Heartbreak/Forgiveness
Four of Swords – Rest, Meditation/Exhaustion
Five of Swords – Competition, Defeat/Making Amends
Six of Swords – Transition/Resistance
Seven of Swords – Deception/Secret Keeping
Eight of Swords – Imprisonment/Self Criticism
Nine of Swords – Anxiety, Nightmares/Release of Worry
Ten of Swords – Wounds, Betrayal/Recovery
Page of Swords – Curiosity, New Ideas/Haste, All Talk
Knight of Swords – Ambition/Restlessness
Queen of Swords – Independence, Boundaries/Cold Attitude
King of Swords – Cool, Intellectual/Irrationality

Ace of Pentacles – Opportunity/Lack of Planning
Two of Pentacles – Prioritizing/Disorganization
Three of Pentacles – Teamwork/Disharmony
Four of Pentacles – Financial Security, Control/Greed
Five of Pentacles – Poverty/Recovery
Six of Pentacles – Generosity/Debt
Seven of Pentacles – Sustainability/Limited Reward
Eight of Pentacles – Mastery/Perfectionism
Nine of Pentacles – Abundance, Luxury/Financial Issues
Ten of Pentacles – Wealth, Family/Loss
Page of Pentacles – Manifestation/Procrastination
Knight of Pentacles – Hard Work/Boredom
Queen of Pentacles – Nurturing, Provider/Work-Life Balance
King of Pentacles – Business, Leadership/Ineptitude

Ace of Wands – Inspiration, Growth/Lack of Ideas
Two of Wands – Discovery/Fear of the Unknown
Three of Wands – Travel, Expansion/Delays, Poor Planning
Four of Wands – Celebration, Reunion/Obstacles to Joy
Five of Wands – Conflict/Release
Six of Wands – Success/Egotism
Seven of Wands – Challenge, Competition/Giving Up
Eight of Wands – Movement/Resistance
Nine of Wands – Resilience/Struggle
Ten of Wands – Hard Work/Burden
Page of Wands – Discovery/Finding a Spiritual Path
Knight of Wands – Adventure/Haste
Queen of Wands – Courage, Extroverted/Introverted
King of Wands – Visionary/Impulsive

Ace of Cups – Love, Compassion/Repressed Emotions
Two of Cups – Partnership, Attraction/Breakups, Distrust
Three of Cups – Friendship, Collaboration/Solitude
Four of Cups – Meditation/Withdrawal
Five of Cups – Regret, Disappointment/Forgiveness
Six of Cups – Innocence, Childhood/Living in the Past
Seven of Cups – Dreams, Illusions/Being Overwhelmed
Eight of Cups – Withdrawal, Abandonment/Aimlessness
Nine of Cups – Satisfaction/Indulgence
Ten of Cups – Bliss, Love/Relationship Issues
Page of Cups – Curiosity/Creative Block
Knight of Cups – Charm/Jealousy
Queen of Cups – Compassion/Co-Dependency
King of Cups – Diplomatic/Manipulative

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3 reviews for Tarot Deck

  1. Agha

    Absolutely one of my favourite tarot decks: fun and quirky and original, and I love the “imperfections” in the line art, how some cards are busy with details that offer a lot for interpretations, while others are simple and straightforward.
    Cardstock is of good quality and a pleasure to riffle shuffle. This deck doesn’t need a guidebook to be read 🙂

  2. Amy Valentin

    These cards are AWESOME!! Love the detailed drawings and unique touch by the artist, JEREMY GRAND. I have had them for over a year and they are still in very good shape. Love pulling them out with friends and family and showing them off while offering a reading 🙂 Totally would recommend getting these for personal use and as a gift 🙂

  3. Isabelle (verified owner)

    I feel so extraordinary lucky to have stumbled onto this deck. It is impossible to describe. It’s smart and lush with details and surprises. I get lost and travel far and wide within each card, and I love it. Thank you Jeremy, I hope you keep on drawing.

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