Jeremy Grand Presents Illustrations

Artist’s Reception

Friday, August 5th, from 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Opening night will feature a rare performance of Tom and Alana together. The couple have usually helmed their own musical projects; Alana with her rootsy folk act Urban Teakettle and Tom with either his thunderous trio Econoline or his more recent project, Dark Donovan. They’ll be performing together for the first time since their wedding in 2014.

Gallery Hours

Saturdays in August, from 12:00-2:00 p.m.

(August 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th)

Located At

Bay Area Friends of the Fine Arts

47 Gillette Ave., Sayville, NY 11782

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Jeremy Grand, an artist located in Bellport Village, NY, is a pen and ink illustration artist, working primarily in black and white, sometimes with minimal color, highly detailed and approachable drawings created with the intention of losing oneself in the chaos, with a perpetual underlying sense of humor. The themes are varied and imaginative, with focuses on collections, imagined public spaces, world religions and dreamscapes.


Here are some of the pieces that will be on display at the show
and are also available for purchase at oddhand.

The Queue, 2022, Sharpie Pen on Paper, 24” x 18”

The Queue, 2022

Sharpie Pen on Paper, 24” x 18”

When winter came, a certain virus started spreading again, causing long lines to sprout once more at the pharmacies, fueling that feeling of eternity; a sense that long lines will be forever present going forward. The Queue is an exaggeration of this experience; non-specific, never-ending customer service line with seemingly no solution.

The Librarian, 2021

Sharpie Pen on Paper, 18” x 24”

In our apartment there is a bookshelf that has traveled for many years to many different places. Once it held everything with space to spare, but not so much these days. Books spill over to new shelves and volumes get out of order, and so we can relate to The Librarian. Our bookshelf is not close to the 2000 books that are on The Librarian’s stacks, but the view feels the same. Every book I have at home is on this shelf, as are the books of friends, family and social media strangers’ shelves. The rest were filled in by various lists, but every word on The Librarian’s shelves are real titles. There is no order, only chaos. A librarian’s dream, and nightmare.

Heaven, 2020, Sharpie Pen and Metallic Ink on Paper, 18" x 24"

Heaven, 2020

Sharpie Pen and Metallic Ink

on Paper, 18” x 24”

There are many interpretations of Heaven. A place in the clouds is the most common view; a comforting place of pretty lights, flying around and being with the people and animals (how can dog Heaven be separate?) you once loved and can love again. The sky is a sea of gold, sailboats and windmills picking up the winds of blowing seraphs.

Note: This is a limited edition print of 100.

Hell, 2020, Sharpie Pen and Marker on Paper, 18" x 24"

Hell, 2020

Sharpie Pen and Marker on Paper, 18” x 24”

Hell is an interpretation of the circles of Hell from the epic poem by Dante, The Inferno. The entrance is at the top (Abandon all hope…); dead trees and spooky weather begging to keep you out! The first layer is Limbo, a river of souls who haven’t quite been sorted yet. Next we have Lust, tornadoes, mud, and sex. Gluttony is an eternity of pica, bugs and worms your constant meals. Everybody wants in the level of Greed, but never will you get. Anger is for those in a constant brawl in the mud, and the entrance to the river of Styx. Heresy is for all those who use religion for an evil purpose. Fraud is where you will find the false idols, kings, a fake Jesus, sham swamis, and Mr. 45. Treachery is where the most evil lurk, surrounding the underworld king.

Nest, 2021, Sharpie Pen and Colored Pencil on Paper, 18" 18"

Nest, 2021

Sharpie Pen and Colored Pencil

on Paper, 18” x 18”

Nest is the intertwining of nature and human influence; an instinctual marvel of natural engineering filled with the remnants and reminders of human interference. Repurposed trash becoming the protection of life.

The Complex, 2021

Sharpie Pen on Paper, 18” x 24”

Apartment complexes are micro-universes that vary from location to location. The Complex is a slice of an infinite cosmo; people and creatures living side-by-side in a never ending tome of stories and vignettes, viewed from a neighboring building in the vein of Hitchcock’s Rear Window.

Styx, 2020

Sharpie Pen and Marker on Paper, 18” x 24”

In Greek mythology, one must pay the ferryman a coin to be carried across the Styx to the underworld, or be doomed to wander the riverbanks (or in this case, float along) until an alternate entrance is found. All those poor souls.

The Gardener, 2021

Sharpie Pen and Watercolor

on Paper, 18” x 24”

Living in spaces without a yard has given me an affinity for potted plants. The Gardener is an exaggerated interpretation of this love for constrained greenery. The plants on The Gardener’s wall of windows are a mix of my own, from the office I work in, and in the homes or minds of my friends, family, social media followers, and all as important as the other. 

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